A Valentine’s Brunch for the Graduates! 


Text by Ginni Jones | Photography by Anna Haley

East Memphis mothers got together to celebrate their friend’s daughter’s high school graduation with a sweet Valentine-themed brunch. 

The Inspiration: The inspiration for the party was to create a unique way to celebrate a group of young friends before they graduated from high school. The event was held over Valentine’s weekend so the theme worked well for the brunch hosted at a lovely home in East Memphis. Everyone brought a dorm-room essential and during the party the honorees played a game that ended with each girl keeping a useful gift for her future home away from home.  

The Decor: The Valentine theme made decorating for the brunch a breeze. A festive light pink tablecloth served as the backdrop for silver platters holding the food. The hostesses even incorporated some of the food into the decor by creating two festive “croquembouche” like towers out of different kinds of donut holes and strawberries. Red and pink gerbera daisies and tulips were scattered throughout the room in various vases; other arrangements included hydrangea, roses and ivy from one of the host’s own backyard! And no Valentine’s party is complete without kisses—the chocolate kind were scattered along the table to finish off the look!

The Menu: This brunch provided something for everyone! The menu included everything from a yogurt parfait tray complete with granola, chocolate chips and blueberries to cheese grits, chicken and waffles, candied bacon and, of course, fruit skewers. Guests enjoyed mocktails served in champagne flutes created by mixing sparkling grape juice with orange or cranberry juice.

Tips from the Hostess: Don’t go over the top—the simpler the better, especially when the party is for a younger group of girls. Also, incorporating a game at the end made the party a blast! The girls had so much fun sitting around, “stealing” gifts, and creating memories they would take with them as they go their own way to college. Shop early for Valentine decorations. Stores start putting all the red and pink goods on the shelf quickly after Christmas so shop early to avoid stress as the event gets closer.

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