West Tennessee Heart and Vascular Center

New accreditation means new era for Jackson Madison County General Hospital

Text by Julia Fawal



West Tennessee Heart and Vascular Center


West Tennessee has some promising news when it comes to critical cardiovascular care. The Jackson-Madison County General Hospital is now home to the West Tennessee Heart and Vascular Center (WTHVC), after the hospital received the Society of Chest Pain Centers’ highest level of accreditation. The facility cares for more heart attack patients than any other hospital in the state of Tennessee.


PCI, commonly known as angioplasty, is a procedure that helps to open narrowed arteries in the heart with either balloon angioplasty or stents.


The Center, with cardiothoracic surgeons on staff, is also now the only hospital in West Tennessee outside of Memphis that provides open heart surgery. Surgeons also use the latest minimally invasive procedures for certain valve and bypass operations to reduce recovery time and scarring. The WTHVC is equipped with services extending from diagnotics to treatment, to rehabilitation.


“West Tennessee Healthcare has now entered a new era with the range and quality of services the center can provide, says Deann Montchal, Vice President of Hospital Services. “We are coordinating care with other hospitals in West Tennessee and with EMTs to make sure that people who experience a heart attack or stroke get the kind of care that saves not just lives, but preserves heart muscle and brain function, which saves the quality of life, as well,” Montchal adds.



Recent heart bypass patient Preston Shively says of the center, “They were able to diagnose my problems in the cath lab, and since the surgeons were right there, they could quickly perform the surgery I greatly needed. The medical team also discovered other issues I didn’t even know I had, and have now helped me recover.”


The WTHVC uses a process called therapeutic hypothermia, also known as “cooling,” which quickly lowers the body’s temperature from the bloodstream out in order to preserve brain tissue after a cardiac arrest. It is has been documented that hospitals who utilize this procedure have seen survival rates with good brain function outcomes increase threefold.



Compared to the national average, the WTHVC has a much lower readmission rate for both heart attacks and heart failure. The center’s goal is to help patients get back on their feet and continue with their lives as uninhibited as possible.

In addition, the facility is known for its vascular care. Later this spring, the clinic will roll out a program offering new treatment options for heart valve problems and open an electrophysiology lab with the newest technology suite for diagnosing and treating heart rhythm disorders.


West Tennessee Heart and Vascular Center
17 Centre Plaza Dr Jackson, TN 38305
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